Dr. Ralph Holz

Adjunct member of the Chair
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Postal address

School of IT
University of Sydney
1 Cleveland St
Darlington NSW 2008

Visiting address

Building J12
Room 414


Current position

I am the Lecturer (Asst. Prof.) in Networks and Security at the School of IT at the University of Sydney and an Academic Visitor at the University of New South Wales. I also collaborate closely with Data61 (CSIRO), Australia's premier ICT innovation group.

As an adjunct member of this Chair, I continue to advise some topics. From time to time, I can offer Bachelor's/Master's theses in Australia in collaboration with TUM, aimed at outstanding students with an interest to broaden their horizon. Please contact me directly if you are interested - and also allow ample time for an application (at least 6 months).

There are also opportunities to do a PhD with me in Sydney - applications are competitive. PhDs may come with a scholarship and can be carried out in collaboration with Data61 (these are closer to industry and come with a top-up). If you wish to pursue research in Australia, please write me an email and allow enough time for an application (7+ months before the start date).

My current personal homepage is here.


My research interests revolve around network measurement and security, with a decidedly empirical approach. My current interests are:

  • Global-scale measurement of Internet service deployments and their security
  • Data-driven security mechanisms
  • Analysis of blockchain technology and its implications

My topic is real-world security: Security is achieved only by technology that its supports human users. No matter how brilliant the technology, if humans find it hard to operate, it will be insecure. Similarly, technology is always used in a context (at home, in finance, etc.) and this context is important in understanding how a technology must designed.

Supervised Theses


Author Title Type Advisors Year Links
Christian Korscheck Optimierung von virtuellen privaten Netzen mit Peer-2-Peer-Technologien Studienarbeit Dirk Haage, Ralph Holz
Jakob Bachhuber Confidential mail: improving email security with network measurements MA Ralph Holz 2016
Dario Banfi Endpoint-transparent multipath in Software Defined Networks MA Ralph Holz 2015
Max Liebkies Extension of a DNS scanner and conduction of large-scale DNS scans MA Johannes Naab, Ralph Holz 2014
Stefan König Scanning and Analysing the DNS for local and temporal Influences MA Johannes Naab, Ralph Holz 2014
Jan Seeger A scientific workbench with unified access to measurement data MA Ralph Holz, Johann Schlamp 2014
Nils Mäurer Efficient scans of large research networks BA Ralph Holz, Oliver Gasser 2014
Matthias Jaros Deployment and orchestration of network measurements using the PlanetLab testbed BA Ralph Holz, Oliver Gasser 2014
Omar Tarabei A pen-testing framework for the Munich Research Network IDP Ralph Holz 2013 Pdf
Johannes Naab Scannning and Evaluating DNS Deployments in the Internet MA Oliver Gasser, Ralph Holz, Johann Schlamp 2013
Franz Saller Understanding Certificate Revocation: OCSP, CRLs, and data sets MA Ralph Holz 2013 Pdf
Robert Kulzer Host profiling based on remote measurements Master thesis Ralph Holz 2012
Oliver Gasser Conducting large-scale active and passive measurements of SSH deployments MA Ralph Holz 2012
Leon Winter A scanner for privacy-violating techniques on the WWW IDP Ralph Holz 2012
Andrey Uzunov A library and proxy for SPDY IDP Ralph Holz 2012
Maximilian Szengel Spontaneous Private Networking - Governed by Security Policies Master thesis Ralph Holz, Christian Grothoff, Bart Polot, Heiko Niedermayer 2012 Pdf
Irfan Basha Privacy Crawler MA Ralph Holz 2012
Thomas Riedmaier Turning the Tables - Hunting the SSL/TLS Men-in-the-Middle Master thesis Ralph Holz, Heiko Niedermayer 2011 Pdf
Arne Wirtz Looking for SSH phishers, compromised hosts and weak keys Master thesis Ralph Holz, Marc Fouquet, Lothar Braun 2011 Pdf
Simon Zimmermann PercoPastry: routing around failures Bachelor thesis Ralph Holz, Nils Kammenhuber 2011
David Ellermann Protecting against JavaScript-based attacks with signatures Bachelor thesis Ralph Holz, Heiko Niedermayer, Phillip Fehre 2011
Simon Dieterle Rapping their knuckles - monitoring X.509 certificate revocation Bachelor thesis Ralph Holz, Nils Kammenhuber, Lothar Braun 2011 Pdf
Jan Seeger Conducting and Analysing Eclipse Attacks on the Kad P2P Network (aMule/eMule) Bachelor thesis Ralph Holz 2010 Pdf
Sven Wiebusch Entwicklung und Bewertung richtlinienbasierter Sicherheitskonzepte in spontanen virtuellen Netzen Diplomarbeit Ralph Holz, Heiko Niedermayer 2009
Rainer Boie Empirische Untersuchung von Angriffen auf strukturierte P2P-Netze Diplomarbeit Ralph Holz 2009
Alexander Ulrich Analyse und Visualisierung der Vertrauensbeziehungen in Web of Trust-Netzwerken Studienarbeit Ralph Holz 2009 Pdf
Rainer Boie Secure Node-ID Assignment in P2PSIP Networks Studienarbeit Ali Fessi, Ralph Holz 2008


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